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Bespoke Corporate/Group Talk

An informative talk focused on the health and wellbeing of your staff

Service Description

Can your staff perform their best if they don't feel their best? Can you? Finding the right work-life balance is a constant challenge for most people. The events of the last year forced us to adapt to new ways of working and living. Change is inevitable but this was an unexpected, unwelcome change many are struggling with. People don't realise others feel the same way and are suffering alone and in silence; from office workers, parents, retirees, and shop assistants to CEO's and students. The toll can affect both mental and physical health. There is help available. This talk can be adapted to the needs of your organisation to help your members and those they come into contact with. Topics can be specific, such as managing stress and anxiety or general and cover several areas of health management. Work place absenteeism impacts the productivity of businesses and puts a strain on other resources. Replacing staff takes time and money that could be spent elsewhere. Helping your staff to improve their mental and physical health benefits you, them and the wider community. They will be empowered with the knowledge needed to improve their health and lives, and your business will have happier, healthier, more productive staff. We do hope that the management team will join the talk as well! We also welcome bookings from groups and clubs. Please ask for details and to book.

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07948 296 013

47 Bancroft, Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG5 1LA, UK

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