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Supporting you on your natural health journey

Medical Consultation
About Santi Clinic


Santi Clinic is a natural health clinic located in the scenic market town of Hitchin in Hertfordshire.  We combine current scientific research with our traditional knowledge of herbal medicine and nutrition.  In addition to seeing patients for a wide variety of ailments, we focus on good health and wellness and the prevention of disease.  We do this by teaching our patients and community the skills and information needed to reach their health goals.  Whether you have a condition you need support with or simply want to maintain your health, our qualified staff is able to help you.


This effort is extended to the wider community and businesses via talks and workshops in our efforts to raise public awareness of healthcare options. Talks are available on popular topics such as immunity, menopause and digestive health; these can be tailored to the group or organisation.  They can even be delivered at your place of work or social group so you don't even need to travel.

In addition to consultations and talks, the clinic has an online store available to the public and registered patients to enable easy access to products you know from brands you love.

Santi Natural Health Clinic attracts people from nearby towns and villages in Hertfordshire and is easily accessible to residents in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, including Milton Keynes.  We are only a short train journey from London, so why not explore the area while you are here and take a break from the hustle and bustle of our capital?  The festive displays and market are a lovely day out and you could combine your appointment with a shopping experience - did I mention Hitchin is an old market town?!  A wander through the lavender fields in Spring shouldn't be missed and a walk in the nearby countryside is therapy in itself!

Health and Wellness  


Becoming healthy isn't an overnight process.  There are no quick fixes.  For many, recovering their health is a daunting prospect.  But you are not alone; millions of people just like you are searching for ways to look and feel better.  Visit our blog and join us in learning how to improve your health in ways that are fun, safe, and rewarding.  

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Spa Day
A choice of services to help you reach your potential

We offer a range of services designed to meet the needs of our patients.  The treatment itself is always bespoke as you are a unique person - nobody else is quite like you, so why should your treatment be the same as anyone elses?   

We can't do all of the work of course!  Your commitment to your own self development is a crucial part of your journey and one we strongly encourage in order to maximise your results.  It's not all hard work.  Your management plan is likely to include some self care so get ready for some practitioner prescribed "me time".

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